Exclusive Preview of Capital Sunday Brunch at Pavilion 75.

Visited this place last Sunday for brunch. Had been hearing a lot about it from people and wanted to try it out for myself. The hotel was beautifully decorated for christmas. The restaurant looked beautiful with the new years and christmas decor. LIVE band played some amazing songs that took me back to my childhood days!


The spread was amazing! A good variety of Appetisers,salads, live counters,main course,desserts and drinks! A total delight for the tummy and perfectly priced! A place that won’t leave you disappointed & just like me by the time you leave you would jus want to pass out on a comfortable bed after all the finger licking good food that will stuff your stomach up! 

The staff was very courteous. Warm food was being served and if you are too lazy to walk around and grab food, you can always ask the staff to help you and they would be by your side till the time you are done. 

They serve a variety of Oriental, chinese, continental & Indian. They have a live counter for sea food, that is mouth watering and perfect for everyone specially during winters! 

A must visit place for all you food lovers out there! Its a perfect place to spend time with loved ones, friends or family. It will leave you with the best of memories and mainly for the food they serve!

Few dishes that appealed to my taste buds a lot and totally worth tasting were : 

SHRIMP COCKTAIL ( COLD SALAD BAR) – Absolutely loved the way it tasted! Fresh green salad mixed with spicy-tangy sauce and shrimps that will just make you wanna hog on more. Light, fresh and tasty. 


BACON WRAPPED GRILLED PRAWNS – Hands down this was the highlight for me from the whole spread. A huge prawn lover and all I wish is for a good dish made of it. Crisp, perfectly done and grilled. Tasted amazing and total show stopper for me! A must try! IMG_8498.jpg

INDAIN APPETISERS (NON VEG) – Galouti kebab to mutton seekh, chicken tikka & fish tikka.. all of these tasted mind-blowing. Piping hot, marinated to perfection, soft as cotton and spices right on point. Absolutely Loved how the chef marinated and prepared each dish in the Indian Menu. 

A SPECIAL SUNDAE FOR THE LADY- The staff surprised me with a special Sundae (not included in the menu) that tasted AMAZING!! A rich sundae with brownie, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce topped with a chocolate donuts and churros! Mother of all Sundaes! Hands down. 


DESSERTS : Lost track of the amount of desserts that were part of the menu since there were so many. From red velvet pastry to jalebis to chocolate fudge cake to rasmalai to donuts, churros, fruit cocktail, pudding, swiss roll and so much more! A bit of all and you would be in heaven. 

This brunch was a total paise vasool! And I am already planning another trip here soon after new years! Try it out for yourself and I am sure your experience would be as amazing as mine. 




Located in Satya niketan.. Right next to all the other cafes and joints. You will easily locate it but think twice before driving yourself there because parking might be a tab bit tricky. The Bloggers meet was held here by Delhi Foodie Instameet along with India meets and my delhi diary ( follow them on Instagram) 

All the extremely talented bloggers working day and night to give all you foodies out there an insight into where to go next to satisfy those tastebuds, always craving something new and also to serve you with the  best photos, were present at the meet. It was a great opportunity to bond over something we all love: food and also put faces to the well known names of the blogging world.

The music was great, ambience was nice and on point for all the youngsters.

We were served with rose slush that look like this :


It was tangy and sour with right amount of sweetness.

We started with Baked momos: those tasted okay! Nothing extraordinary or out of the box. The Presentation could have been better.

Next came wood fired thin crust pizza :  (road to college) This was WOW. The crust  was crisp and it was loaded with vegetables and cheese.  A pizza can never go wrong, EVER.


Pasta with garlic bread : this pasta just reminded me why I stepped into the blogging world, to find hidden gems like this. This butter chicken pasta was just delicious, the perfect mix of Italian and Indian cuisines. Who would have thought that would taste so good. This still makes me salivate. A must try!


Strawberry lemon mojito: this is not something I enjoyed much.  

Mojito: this was the good old mojito. Well, a little high in the sugar department if you ask me.


Chilli chicken burger : the presentation was perfect, a definite eye pleaser. It tasted amazing. Something that I have never tasted before.


For desserts :

Mud cake : this was nice!Something I have had before, not something new. But the taste was good none the less.


Oreo cheesecake : every households favourite Oreo in a dessert, again it tasted nice  but nothing new.


My dessert winner of the two would definitely be mud cake, solely because it excelled in the taste department.

Overall a place to visit atleast once to enjoy the music, food and ambience.

P.S- Could majorly improve with presentation, lighting and service. 


< XOXO >

Tea Time Tale Bakery – Gurgaon

Tea time tale delivered these yum-ness at my doorstep today!


They are based in Gurgaon. A mother-daughter collab  who specialises in desserts such as jar cakes, cupcakes, tea time cakes and customised according to occasions! 

What was on my doorstep consisted of two cute little jars and a tea time cake. The packaging was simple in a white box with a ribbon bow which went well with the whole theme. It gave sophisticated/elegant look to the goodies. 

After unpacking it I found mouth watering and beautifully crafted blueberry tea cake and heaven filled inside those little jars of strawberry cheesecake & chocolate fudge.

image image

The strawberry cheesecake was out of this world. It was smooth, creamy, just sweet enough with a hint of tartness and a perfect base. I couldnt stop digging into this divine jar 🙈

The chocolate fudge was something I went bonkers for. It was the PERFECT one I have tasted in a longgg time! Sweetness right on point! Just wow.

Blueberry cake was soooo pretty that I had to think twice before digging into it. The detailing, design, the intricacy everything was remarkable. It was so moist from the inside and it literally melted in my mouth. I have visually seen and tasted a lot of home made cakes/desserts, but the amount accuracy of detailing this cake had was F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S. There were I guess two to three shades of blue icing on the cake which looked so lovely and different that it became the key highlight of the whole package. From those tiny little leaves to the small bow on the right hand side of the cake. Everything was just P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

image image image 

A big shoutout to @teatimetale. Im sure I will order from you guys the next time Im in need of cakes or any specific dessert in general. 😀

P.S – my hubby went a little cray cray after eating the strawberry chessecake. He personally feels it is one of the best he has ever tasted. ❤

Follow @teatimetale1 on Instagram and the next time you have a birthday party, baby showers or high tea just contact them. 

                          CIAO PEEPS!!! Love from hopshophog. Dream big. Stay focused.