This place is a personal favourite also because being a huge Chinese cuisine fan, no other place satisfies my taste buds the way Royal china does! 

A place with perfect ambience, view of the city, ( at the 16th floor) courteous staff and great drinks. It serves fusion of Chinese & Cantonese cuisine. Its a perfect place for a date, Sunday brunches & Pan- Asian Delicacies.

I visited this place last Sunday and hogged till I dropped! LITERALLY! Had no place for dessert which I truly regret trying since i am always left so full!

They have added a variety of dumplings to their new menu which are prepared with utmost perfection and taste delicious. They also do an unlimited dimsum brunch which I am sure would be A-mazing as well!

Things that I tasted & are recommended to all of you whenever you visit this place & hope it happens soon so you all can thank me for it ūüėõ¬†

  1. Chicken with vegetable dimsums РAbsolutely beautiful looking, tasted even better. Soft, flavoursome & so tempting! 


  1. Frilly prawn balls РOMG!! Absolutely hands down the best dish so far! Loved the crispness, the flavours, the crunch and the softness of the prawn inside. Deep fried and served hot. You would absolutely go bonkers trying this one out! A must try if you are a sea-food lover! 


  1. Prawns in chilli oil & spring onions- Succulent, soft, marinated and prepared with right amount of spice. Extra gravy on the side to be used with fried rice or noodles. #yummy.


  1. Flaming fish in superior sauce – This is one of their best sellers and is a must try. Served in chicken & prawn as well. This dish is placed on the table, then lit with fire ; to give a visual delight. It tastes incredible. Soft as cotton and the sauce so perfect that it works wonders.


  1. Pan Fried vegetable noodles РTasted smooth, the sauce was unexpectedly brilliant. The noodles were crisp unlike other restaurants that end up serving soggy ones instead of pan fried! 


A total delight for the eyes and tastebuds. You would love the food served here & literally drool over it. Classy and fine dining at its best!

Exclusive Preview of Capital Sunday Brunch at Pavilion 75.

Visited this place last Sunday for brunch. Had been hearing a lot about it from people and wanted to try it out for myself. The hotel was beautifully decorated for christmas. The restaurant looked beautiful with the new years and christmas decor. LIVE band played some amazing songs that took me back to my childhood days!


The spread was amazing! A good variety of Appetisers,salads, live counters,main course,desserts and drinks! A total delight for the tummy and perfectly priced! A place that won’t leave you disappointed & just like me by the time you leave you would jus want to pass out on a comfortable bed after all the finger licking good food that will stuff your stomach up! 

The staff was very courteous. Warm food was being served and if you are too lazy to walk around and grab food, you can always ask the staff to help you and they would be by your side till the time you are done. 

They serve a variety of Oriental, chinese, continental & Indian. They have a live counter for sea food, that is mouth watering and perfect for everyone specially during winters! 

A must visit place for all you food lovers out there! Its a perfect place to spend time with loved ones, friends or family. It will leave you with the best of memories and mainly for the food they serve!

Few dishes that appealed to my taste buds a lot and totally worth tasting were : 

SHRIMP COCKTAIL ( COLD SALAD BAR) РAbsolutely loved the way it tasted! Fresh green salad mixed with spicy-tangy sauce and shrimps that will just make you wanna hog on more. Light, fresh and tasty. 


BACON WRAPPED GRILLED PRAWNS РHands down this was the highlight for me from the whole spread. A huge prawn lover and all I wish is for a good dish made of it. Crisp, perfectly done and grilled. Tasted amazing and total show stopper for me! A must try! IMG_8498.jpg

INDAIN APPETISERS (NON VEG) РGalouti kebab to mutton seekh, chicken tikka & fish tikka.. all of these tasted mind-blowing. Piping hot, marinated to perfection, soft as cotton and spices right on point. Absolutely Loved how the chef marinated and prepared each dish in the Indian Menu. 

A SPECIAL SUNDAE FOR THE LADY- The staff surprised me with a special Sundae (not included in the menu) that tasted AMAZING!! A rich sundae with brownie, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce topped with a chocolate donuts and churros! Mother of all Sundaes! Hands down. 


DESSERTS : Lost track of the amount of desserts that were part of the menu since there were so many. From red velvet pastry to jalebis to chocolate fudge cake to rasmalai to donuts, churros, fruit cocktail, pudding, swiss roll and so much more! A bit of all and you would be in heaven. 

This brunch was a total paise vasool! And I am already planning another trip here soon after new years! Try it out for yourself and I am sure your experience would be as amazing as mine. 

ROSART√Č- Fine Gourmet Couture Chocolates.

A couture chocolate brand is finally here in Delhi! And believe me it is a dream come true to have one of these. As their name says Art, they have literally inspired their chocolate flavours from the most famous artists around the world.


They aim to use minimum or sometimes no sugar or butter in their recipes so that the finesse of the chocolate is maintained throughout. They aim to keep chocolate as pure as possible.

Each masterpiece is created by their Rosarté master using ingredients from around the world. Their palette is a profound selection of single origin cocoa from Java, Madagascar, Ghana, Arriba, Grenada and São Thomé which is nurtured with love at each step before reaching you.


This delicious box was delivered and I must say you all have to put your hands on these. They are absolutely delish! Gooey, purest form of chocolate in your mouth which will just make you go WOAH. Haven’t tasted a better chocolate than this in India as of now.


They have quite a range of chocolates like, AFFANDI JAVA, ASSORTED, VINCENT ALMOND, VOLTAIRE COFFEE, CHIP & DALE BARS and more.

FIND THEM : http://www.rosartechocolate.com

CONTACT NUMBER : 9717717669

RANGE : Starting from 250- 2500 rs

Wendy’s = <3

IMG_6097Wendy’s is an American international fast food restaurant chain founded by Dave Thomas. It is known to be the third largest burger chain in the world. Since Indian food market is expanding gloriously, top leading companies and brands are willing to be a part of this market. One of them is Wendy’s. It has two outlets for now. One at Sohna road, Haryana and other in Gurgaon, Haryana. 

I had gotten an opportunity of visiting Wendy’s and have a complete experience of how it operates; Kitchen, storage, working space and so on. 

We were given a quick introduction of how Wendy’s has been operating over the years and how it works here in India. We then had a look at the menu and the amount of variety they serve is, pretty good! From Bacon to Aloo tikki to Mutton, chicken patties Рyou name it and they have it.. They have a good range of burgers and fries and side dishes also fruittails( mocktails), clearly standing strong from the rest of its competitors. 


Being a foodie it was a dream come true for me to see how everything really works. How the buns are warmed up, how the patties are grilled or fried. The high-tech machines inside,how everything is stored up, the amount of cleanliness to be maintained by the workers and how the space is sustained. ¬†Everything seemed so organised, easy to work with that I felt, soon I could be trained to be a fellow Wendy-er too! ūüėõ Also it feels great to see that the amount of inspection the manager keeps overall, so as to what we eat( guests/ customers) is safe and sanitised.¬†


I had a gala time interacting with the staff, helping them in preparing burgers and guess what? I prepared a Chicken burger in their kitchen all by myself ( with a little supervision though :P) and it felt so nice!! 


Wendy’s should surely be the place to visit next! The ambience all together is beautiful, much better than any other burger joints. They have an excellent menu prepared for all meat and vegetable lovers. They work closley to ensure the hygiene level of the food they serve. All departments are divided precisely. 


I ended up ordering a range of dishes. From double baconator burger to Ultimate mutton, Masala fries, spicy aloo crunch, classic chicken, chicken chilli and cherry cola fruit tails. 



DOUBLE BACONATOR : The quality of bread was superb. Soft and moist, with two chicken patties- tender and juicy, including strips of bacon on it that ended up being the cherry on the top. Overall yummy, a little heavy and surely a go-getter. 


ULTIMATE MUTTON- This one was my favourite out of all. The patty was so juicy, tender and lip smacking. The mutton was not at all chew. The marination of the patty was done brilliantly and grilled to perfection. Good amount of veggies and pickles inside as a filling. 

MASALA FRIES- OOOH! So spicy! loved them. Warm, crisp and served beautifully in a bowl. Masala tasted yum much- much better than the ones I have tasted in some other joints.


CHICKEN CHILLI- Prepared out of red beans, a little on the spicier side but since I am ok with spices I totally loved it. Gave this Mexican feel to me, served with rice.. a closer copy to what you can say is ‘rajma chawal’ but with an american touch to it. Beautiful preparation.¬†


The burgers overall are worth trying, bored of round burgers? Head over to Wendy’s they serve square burgers!! ūüėÄ

Some of the highlights of Wendy’s:

√ė¬†¬†Co working space

√ė¬†¬†Deliver on your table

√ė¬†¬†Unlimited tea and coffee refill

√ė¬†¬†Pricing ‚Äď A little higher than the other burger joints but totally worth it.¬†

√ė¬†¬†Free Wi-Fi

√ė¬†¬†Music ‚Äď they play Coke Studio 90% of the time, mixed with English music sometimes

√ė¬†¬†Square Burgers

√ė¬†¬†Food is served in proper cutlery

√ė¬†¬†They don‚Äôt serve mustard and ketchup with the burger because the burgers are made with sauces, want the customers to relish the taste

√ė¬†¬†Restaurant interiors ¬†

A place to visit and to be enjoyed with loved ones, friends. A good range of food variety, not very expensive. Welcoming staff with great ambience.


A lot of restaurants have started considering Dimsums as a vital part of chinese, japanese cuisine now in India. Pan Asian food has also gained a lot of good reviews and slowly we can see that people’s taste buds are changing/ evolving over time and they are happily trying out and exploring new things in terms of food and cuisine.¬†

Dimsum festival has been the new ‚Äėit‚Äô thing in town and ¬†was extremely thrilled when I was invited for my first dimsum festival at ASIA7.¬†



Looking for the best dimsums in town? SUCCULENT AND FLAVOURFUL? Check this place out- Asia seven located in Ambience mall, Gurgaon. They have a Handful of variety in these bite sized delights. From steamed veg-non veg dimsums to Pan fried and Bao dimsums. You Name it and they have it!!

The restaurant staff was very welcoming and the decor is done up beautifully. Gives an authentic Chinese feel to it and will hook you to this place with in a short period of time. 

We tried out a variety of dimsums and most of them were  delicious and cooked to PERFECTION. Mouth watering at first glance, these dimsums made my day!





LORD!! *mouth waters* Tender and juicy prawns rolled inside a thin layer of spinach that gave an extra crisp to it dipped in this amazingly tasty sauce that made it even more relishing. A MUST TRY. 



These somehow stood out from all the rest since it was pan fried the coating on the outside tasted better and crisp. Also it wasn’t soggy like how dimsums generally are. Tasted perfect. Spiced perfectly and well balanced. 


Do not miss out your chance at experiencing this beautiful and delicious festival. Go and see for yourself what a treat this place is! ūüôā


This place was unexpectedly really good. Had been hearing alot about it from everyone and thought of trying it out. I think its a place that every college going student would love. With friends, to chill for some time and have a great time over some delish waffles!!

Since I went only for a bit I ordered a few things. The staff was courteous and suggested alot of things to try out. 

First came their in house bread with salsa. It was complimentary and it tasted amazing. Crunchy, crackle like. And I think something everyone should keep in their menu and big change from all the heavy Рmeal-ed restaurants in town. 


Next came the virgin mojito that was perfect. They nailed it. 


We then ordered some waffles and fries. The fries were served beautiful, their presentation no doubt is too cool. With small little beakers of mayo and sauce. Fries were crisp, warm and a favourite.


 Last we ordered was the chocolate and wild-berry waffle . It was recommended my d staff and woah. This was delicious. Im glad I asked them cause I was on cloud 9. They really know how to cook goood waffles. This ones a must try if you are a waffle lover and also they again nailed the presentation.


All in all a place you all should visit to just relax and enjoy. I’ll be visiting soon again to try out the rest of the things.



One of the leading brands of healthy food and breakfast cereals in India. Recieved a bag full of the most nutiritous products from them .My motto for this year was to stay fit and remain healthy. By trying out Bagrry’s I really feel I am one step ahead.¬†


¬†As their tagline suggests ‚ÄúLet‚Äôs put health first‚ÄĚ they deal In making healthy products with exceptional quality. Products like Muesli, oats, bran and many more are what they are serving with aim of setting new standards in innovation, responsible nutrition and quality manufacturing.

Their main focus is the quality of the product that they are putting in the packets. They strive for excelence and do not compromise on the quality at all.They believe that being natural has a lot of benefits and that is why nothing artificial is used. Making sure that each product from their packaging to the ingredients inside, everything is PERFECT. They also select their oats from the British countryside and all the almonds come from the sun-kissed fields in California.




CRUNCHY MUESLIРFruit and nut with cranberries. 




CRUNCHY MUESLI Р Almonds, rasins and honey

CRUNCHY MUESLI РNo added sugar, diet. 


While looking and these products and reading so much about them I thought I would be creating things out of the box with these delicious and nutritional boxes. Something that is a dessert yet healthy, a meal for breakfast, something to go along with lunch and dinner. To show the my followers how you could create so many innovational things out of these products.

 And I also decided to share the recipes with you so you could order your Bagrry’s product and make something yummylicious and yet healthy. 






  • Bagrry‚Äôs Oats for Atta – 1 cup
  • Butter – 2 ¬Ĺ tsp
  • Water (cold) – 2 tbsp
  • Egg yolk – 1 tbsp
  • Salt – 1 tsp


  • Dates – ¬Ĺ cup
  • Butter – 1 tbsp
  • Water – ¬Ĺ cup



  • Make the filling by placing the dates, butter and water in a small pan over high heat. Bring to a boil
  • Set the pan aside for the mixture to cool completely and for the dates to absorb some of the liquid
  • Once it has cooled, place the mixture in a food processor and grind till you get a smooth paste


  • Add the flour and salt in a bowl.
  • Rub in the butter and egg until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.
  • Add enough water to get a soft but not sticky dough. Wrap the dough in cling film and keep it in the fridge for 10 minutes
  • Roll out the dough to line the tart tin. Bake for about 15 minutes.
  • Pour the filling¬† in this baked tart crust
  • Serve warm or at room temperature.

These turned out to be exceptionally good!! They were a perfect new dessert that I would be making very often. Not at all fattening, healthy, and full of nutrition. A new feather added to the box. 





  • Bagrry‚Äôs Choco Delight Muesli – 2 ¬Ĺ tbsp
  • Yoghurt – 1 cup
  • Dark Ccocolate syrup – 1 ¬Ĺ tbsp (Optional)
  • Vanilla essence – 1-2 drops
  • ¬†StrawBerries – for garnishing



  • Take a glass and put crumbled brownie at the base
  • Add Bagrry‚Äôs Choco delight muesli over the brownie
  • In a separate bowl add vanilla essence in yoghurt and mix well.
  • Add yoghurt on top of the muesli
  • Garnish with ¬†strawberries/ chocolate syrup and serve.¬†

A perfect delight. Not only pleasing to the eyes but also tasted so good. I could easily relate to how a frozen yogurt tastes like. If you get bored of eating plain yogurt everyday and if you want your kids to get the nutrition & try something different from the normal routine you should totally try this out. A simple recipe which can be cooked within 10 mins and served beautifully. 




  • Bagrry‚Äôs Muesli – 1 cup
  • Raspberries – ¬Ĺ cup
  • Strawberries – ¬Ĺ¬†cup
  • Grapes -¬Ĺ¬†cup
  • Milk – ¬Ĺ cup


  • In a bowl, add Bagrry‚Äôs Muesli with all berries and grapes.
  • Pour milk¬†
  • Serve immediately to enjoy the crunch

A perfect start to a day with this bowl of heaveness. Healthy, light, nutirional and so crunchy. a bowl of this everyday would surely keep us fit and happy. 




  • Bagrry‚Äôs Oats for Daliya – 1 cup
  • Capsicum – ¬Ĺ¬†cup, chopped
  • Carrot – ¬Ĺ cup, chopped
  • Peas – ¬Ĺ¬†cup
  • Onions – ¬Ĺ¬†cup, sliced
  • Garlic – 2 cloves, minced
  • Olive oil – 1 tbsp
  • Salt – ¬Ĺ¬†tsp
  • Black pepper – ¬ľ¬†tsp


  • In a pan, pour 2 cups water and salt and bring to a boil
  • Stir in the Oats for Daliya. Reduce heat and cover partially.
  • Cook, stirring occasionally, until mixture is thick and the oats are tender (about 25 minutes)
  • In a nonstick pan, add oil and cook the peas, carrots, onion and garlic over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are crisp-tender
  • Add the oats to the above mixture. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until oats are dry and separated, for about 5 to 6 minutes and finally, add pepper
  • Continue cooking, stirring occasionally for 2 to 3 minutes or until the liquid is absorbed
  • Serve immediately

This is something that we all can consume at any point of time in  a day. It is  exceptionally healthy, full of veggies and nutrition. Tastes yum and can also accompany with any other dish. 



My healthy and fit post with bagrrys comes to and end. I am sure all of this would have made your mouth water and you should totally go to the closest store near you and grab whatever you can and also visit their website to learn new recipes that you can prepare for your kids or even yourself and feel good about your body. Taking care of your body is in our own hands and Bagrrys is just making it seem easier. 



The name says it all ‘BOMB’. This quirky little place is a hidden gem and I wonder Why did I not put my hands on these yummylicious beauties before.¬†

With just the first delievery it has become my personal favourite. Its this magical place for all dessert lover. They have this elegant touch to their whole brand. From the packaging to the desserts. All of them taste so good that it Is hard to realise that this is available in Delhi ūüėĬ†


They have a huge range of desserts and trust me you will face a really hard time choosing what to relish. 

I tasted the Belgian chocolate mousse dome and Hazel Nut Krispy Crunch chocolate pyramid that hands down tasted heavenly. These pretty looking delight was not only appealing for the eyes but the taste was MIND-BLOWING. 

Other things that I tasted apart from the delicious cupcakes and cheesecakes that were presented in such a cute way, they have some other delicious savouries like the CHEESE STICKS. These are something out of the blue. With sesame on it, they tasted the best out of everything. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

The brownie and the chocolate chunk cookies were amaze-balls! The were soft, crunchy with the right amount of sweetness. Believe me I ended up making a Brownie cookie shake out of these beauties which ended up tasting like worlds best Milk shake. The macarons that came along were crisp, and light-as-a-feather. And If you are a Macaron lover, Leave everything and run to this place. 

All in all this place is a must visit. Trust me you won’t be disappointed .They have this uniqueness to them and you will see or feel it once you try them. A place that will leave you with a smile on your face.. 







The name really suits what they are serving!! ‚ÄúHappy Hakka‚ÄĚ !! This cuisine really makes one happy. Staying in Delhi, a lot of food joints have started opening that are focusing not only on the ambience but also the quality of food.¬†


Happy Hakka got delivered at home with so much love. You can see with their packaging how much efforts they are taking in making their customers happy and content. 

They serve authentic chinese food. A thing that I have noticed around Delhi is that its really hard to find a good chinese restuarant. I mean there was a time 5-6 years back where we could locate some really good chinese food in affordable prices. Now, the scenario has changed. A lot of them have come up but are unable to maintain the quality or the Indian touch to it. Focusing only on the brand name and forgetting everything is else is something which is a major concern. 


A few restaurants have started coming up which have started serving some decent and tasty food. One of them is Happy Hakka. The condiments come in small little bottles that looked so adorable along with the cutlery 


CRUNCHY MUNCHY SPRING ROLLS- They tasted yum. Crisp- crackly skin with tender crisp vegetables on the inside. 


KHAO SUEY WITH RICE- This tasted DELICIOUS. It had an exceptional taste to it, have not tasted a better one in Delhi. By adding the chilly garlic paste it tasted even better. Perfect meal to order and a must must try. 


HAKKA NOODLES- You never go wrong when it comes to Hakka noodles. And surely Happy Hakka did not. They had that smokey flavour in them which made it and out fro the rest. 


CHILLI CHICKEN BITES- My personal favourite out of lot. It was a dry dish with chunks of chicken pieces. so soft, tender, juicy and full of flavour and spicy. *mouth waters*


SUI MUI CHICKEN- This was in the form of momos that were delicious. Became a little soggy but I guess thats because of the delivery


HAPPY HOT GARLIC-  This was spicy, quantity was good, had chunky pieces of well cooked vegetables. Flavoursome and finger licking good. 


There delivery is fast, food is pipping hot when it reaches home. Everything that I tasted was YUMMY. Their portions are decent enough. They take a lot of effort to make their customers ‚ÄúHAPPY‚ÄĚ.


CONTACT NUMBER- +91 9015558558

011 41688899



When the word pizza comes to mind, all you can think about is cheese, toppings and crust! And if I tell you that Delhi has added another gem in its pocket, I am being honest! KEEP READING. 


This place is a hidden gem located in Kalkaji and Gurgaon. A place with funk, colours and guess what comics! The whole theme about this place is to make you feel at home and deliver you with the best pizzas along with bringing back your childhood memories by keeping a reading stack of The famous ARCHIES comics along with so many others that will just put a smile on your face. 


HANDS DOWN, YES!!  This place offers UNLIMITED TOPPINGS with No extra charge on your pizzas.Which till date no other place offers. YOU can customise it the way you want too! They offer Thick and New-york style crust.The dough is unique and not at all compromised on. They make it in house and cold ferment it for 72 HOURS. WOAH which makes it mouth melting !! :O 

These hard working people behind such a lovely place and food ūüėÄ
This Lasagna was heavenly. Loaded with cheese, meat, tomatoes, zucchini and bechamel this was better than any other lasagna I have tasted in a very long time. Mouth melting and so delicious. This surely won’t stop your hands from digging.
People get very attached to their specific restaurant parlours when it comes to pizza. No one really wants to experiment, but Insta pizza is something you all should really try if staying in New Delhi. This is one of their classics. Amazingly good this garlic, chili and chicken chorizo is a MUST TRY in New york style crust. Hopshophog recommends this. (jalapenos added as extra topping) 
Now this has been included in my favourite list. I have always been a hot dog fan. This was something which has finally fulfilled my cravings!! THIS IS CALLED THE PIZZA DOG. Rolled in the same dough as Garlic twists with sausage inside accompanied with delicious dip.
For all you healthy freaks out there. This is what you should order. Finally this concept has been brought to India by Insta pizza. This is MARINARA PIZZA. Pizza without cheese. Alot of people crave pizzas but dislike the cheese or some are allergic to cheese. This is what a pizza without cheese is. with just the classic sauce and confit garlic chilli flakes. Somehow I found this really good too. I think I am becoming a crazzyy fan of this place. 


Its a true saying when you read the above line. Especially if you visit this place!!! BEST? Understatement. INSANE is the right word!! And that is ; 


Insta pizza is the only place that serves the classic Chicago style deep dish. First comes a layer of crust. In between comes all the toppings and the cheese. Once thats done its covered with layer of dough. On top of this you’ll find their unique sauce and your asking meat topping!*DROOLS*

This monster deep dish pizza is over 1‚ÄĚ thick and weighs about 1Kilo, which comes in two sizes!! Crazy right?! This is really a dream come true. You will not be disappointed when you taste this beast!! ‚̧

Do not miss out on this place. It is located in Kalkaji and Gurgaon and surely this a place that should top your list. Go and enjoy your scrumptious meal at this beautiful place.