This place is a personal favourite also because being a huge Chinese cuisine fan, no other place satisfies my taste buds the way Royal china does! 

A place with perfect ambience, view of the city, ( at the 16th floor) courteous staff and great drinks. It serves fusion of Chinese & Cantonese cuisine. Its a perfect place for a date, Sunday brunches & Pan- Asian Delicacies.

I visited this place last Sunday and hogged till I dropped! LITERALLY! Had no place for dessert which I truly regret trying since i am always left so full!

They have added a variety of dumplings to their new menu which are prepared with utmost perfection and taste delicious. They also do an unlimited dimsum brunch which I am sure would be A-mazing as well!

Things that I tasted & are recommended to all of you whenever you visit this place & hope it happens soon so you all can thank me for it ūüėõ¬†

  1. Chicken with vegetable dimsums РAbsolutely beautiful looking, tasted even better. Soft, flavoursome & so tempting! 


  1. Frilly prawn balls РOMG!! Absolutely hands down the best dish so far! Loved the crispness, the flavours, the crunch and the softness of the prawn inside. Deep fried and served hot. You would absolutely go bonkers trying this one out! A must try if you are a sea-food lover! 


  1. Prawns in chilli oil & spring onions- Succulent, soft, marinated and prepared with right amount of spice. Extra gravy on the side to be used with fried rice or noodles. #yummy.


  1. Flaming fish in superior sauce – This is one of their best sellers and is a must try. Served in chicken & prawn as well. This dish is placed on the table, then lit with fire ; to give a visual delight. It tastes incredible. Soft as cotton and the sauce so perfect that it works wonders.


  1. Pan Fried vegetable noodles РTasted smooth, the sauce was unexpectedly brilliant. The noodles were crisp unlike other restaurants that end up serving soggy ones instead of pan fried! 


A total delight for the eyes and tastebuds. You would love the food served here & literally drool over it. Classy and fine dining at its best!

Exclusive Preview of Capital Sunday Brunch at Pavilion 75.

Visited this place last Sunday for brunch. Had been hearing a lot about it from people and wanted to try it out for myself. The hotel was beautifully decorated for christmas. The restaurant looked beautiful with the new years and christmas decor. LIVE band played some amazing songs that took me back to my childhood days!


The spread was amazing! A good variety of Appetisers,salads, live counters,main course,desserts and drinks! A total delight for the tummy and perfectly priced! A place that won’t leave you disappointed & just like me by the time you leave you would jus want to pass out on a comfortable bed after all the finger licking good food that will stuff your stomach up! 

The staff was very courteous. Warm food was being served and if you are too lazy to walk around and grab food, you can always ask the staff to help you and they would be by your side till the time you are done. 

They serve a variety of Oriental, chinese, continental & Indian. They have a live counter for sea food, that is mouth watering and perfect for everyone specially during winters! 

A must visit place for all you food lovers out there! Its a perfect place to spend time with loved ones, friends or family. It will leave you with the best of memories and mainly for the food they serve!

Few dishes that appealed to my taste buds a lot and totally worth tasting were : 

SHRIMP COCKTAIL ( COLD SALAD BAR) РAbsolutely loved the way it tasted! Fresh green salad mixed with spicy-tangy sauce and shrimps that will just make you wanna hog on more. Light, fresh and tasty. 


BACON WRAPPED GRILLED PRAWNS РHands down this was the highlight for me from the whole spread. A huge prawn lover and all I wish is for a good dish made of it. Crisp, perfectly done and grilled. Tasted amazing and total show stopper for me! A must try! IMG_8498.jpg

INDAIN APPETISERS (NON VEG) РGalouti kebab to mutton seekh, chicken tikka & fish tikka.. all of these tasted mind-blowing. Piping hot, marinated to perfection, soft as cotton and spices right on point. Absolutely Loved how the chef marinated and prepared each dish in the Indian Menu. 

A SPECIAL SUNDAE FOR THE LADY- The staff surprised me with a special Sundae (not included in the menu) that tasted AMAZING!! A rich sundae with brownie, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce topped with a chocolate donuts and churros! Mother of all Sundaes! Hands down. 


DESSERTS : Lost track of the amount of desserts that were part of the menu since there were so many. From red velvet pastry to jalebis to chocolate fudge cake to rasmalai to donuts, churros, fruit cocktail, pudding, swiss roll and so much more! A bit of all and you would be in heaven. 

This brunch was a total paise vasool! And I am already planning another trip here soon after new years! Try it out for yourself and I am sure your experience would be as amazing as mine.