ROSARTÉ- Fine Gourmet Couture Chocolates.

A couture chocolate brand is finally here in Delhi! And believe me it is a dream come true to have one of these. As their name says Art, they have literally inspired their chocolate flavours from the most famous artists around the world.


They aim to use minimum or sometimes no sugar or butter in their recipes so that the finesse of the chocolate is maintained throughout. They aim to keep chocolate as pure as possible.

Each masterpiece is created by their Rosarté master using ingredients from around the world. Their palette is a profound selection of single origin cocoa from Java, Madagascar, Ghana, Arriba, Grenada and São Thomé which is nurtured with love at each step before reaching you.


This delicious box was delivered and I must say you all have to put your hands on these. They are absolutely delish! Gooey, purest form of chocolate in your mouth which will just make you go WOAH. Haven’t tasted a better chocolate than this in India as of now.


They have quite a range of chocolates like, AFFANDI JAVA, ASSORTED, VINCENT ALMOND, VOLTAIRE COFFEE, CHIP & DALE BARS and more.


CONTACT NUMBER : 9717717669

RANGE : Starting from 250- 2500 rs

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