Wendy’s = <3

IMG_6097Wendy’s is an American international fast food restaurant chain founded by Dave Thomas. It is known to be the third largest burger chain in the world. Since Indian food market is expanding gloriously, top leading companies and brands are willing to be a part of this market. One of them is Wendy’s. It has two outlets for now. One at Sohna road, Haryana and other in Gurgaon, Haryana. 

I had gotten an opportunity of visiting Wendy’s and have a complete experience of how it operates; Kitchen, storage, working space and so on. 

We were given a quick introduction of how Wendy’s has been operating over the years and how it works here in India. We then had a look at the menu and the amount of variety they serve is, pretty good! From Bacon to Aloo tikki to Mutton, chicken patties – you name it and they have it.. They have a good range of burgers and fries and side dishes also fruittails( mocktails), clearly standing strong from the rest of its competitors. 


Being a foodie it was a dream come true for me to see how everything really works. How the buns are warmed up, how the patties are grilled or fried. The high-tech machines inside,how everything is stored up, the amount of cleanliness to be maintained by the workers and how the space is sustained.  Everything seemed so organised, easy to work with that I felt, soon I could be trained to be a fellow Wendy-er too! 😛 Also it feels great to see that the amount of inspection the manager keeps overall, so as to what we eat( guests/ customers) is safe and sanitised. 


I had a gala time interacting with the staff, helping them in preparing burgers and guess what? I prepared a Chicken burger in their kitchen all by myself ( with a little supervision though :P) and it felt so nice!! 


Wendy’s should surely be the place to visit next! The ambience all together is beautiful, much better than any other burger joints. They have an excellent menu prepared for all meat and vegetable lovers. They work closley to ensure the hygiene level of the food they serve. All departments are divided precisely. 


I ended up ordering a range of dishes. From double baconator burger to Ultimate mutton, Masala fries, spicy aloo crunch, classic chicken, chicken chilli and cherry cola fruit tails. 



DOUBLE BACONATOR : The quality of bread was superb. Soft and moist, with two chicken patties- tender and juicy, including strips of bacon on it that ended up being the cherry on the top. Overall yummy, a little heavy and surely a go-getter. 


ULTIMATE MUTTON- This one was my favourite out of all. The patty was so juicy, tender and lip smacking. The mutton was not at all chew. The marination of the patty was done brilliantly and grilled to perfection. Good amount of veggies and pickles inside as a filling. 

MASALA FRIES- OOOH! So spicy! loved them. Warm, crisp and served beautifully in a bowl. Masala tasted yum much- much better than the ones I have tasted in some other joints.


CHICKEN CHILLI- Prepared out of red beans, a little on the spicier side but since I am ok with spices I totally loved it. Gave this Mexican feel to me, served with rice.. a closer copy to what you can say is ‘rajma chawal’ but with an american touch to it. Beautiful preparation. 


The burgers overall are worth trying, bored of round burgers? Head over to Wendy’s they serve square burgers!! 😀

Some of the highlights of Wendy’s:

Ø  Co working space

Ø  Deliver on your table

Ø  Unlimited tea and coffee refill

Ø  Pricing – A little higher than the other burger joints but totally worth it. 

Ø  Free Wi-Fi

Ø  Music – they play Coke Studio 90% of the time, mixed with English music sometimes

Ø  Square Burgers

Ø  Food is served in proper cutlery

Ø  They don’t serve mustard and ketchup with the burger because the burgers are made with sauces, want the customers to relish the taste

Ø  Restaurant interiors  

A place to visit and to be enjoyed with loved ones, friends. A good range of food variety, not very expensive. Welcoming staff with great ambience.


A lot of restaurants have started considering Dimsums as a vital part of chinese, japanese cuisine now in India. Pan Asian food has also gained a lot of good reviews and slowly we can see that people’s taste buds are changing/ evolving over time and they are happily trying out and exploring new things in terms of food and cuisine. 

Dimsum festival has been the new ‘it’ thing in town and  was extremely thrilled when I was invited for my first dimsum festival at ASIA7. 



Looking for the best dimsums in town? SUCCULENT AND FLAVOURFUL? Check this place out- Asia seven located in Ambience mall, Gurgaon. They have a Handful of variety in these bite sized delights. From steamed veg-non veg dimsums to Pan fried and Bao dimsums. You Name it and they have it!!

The restaurant staff was very welcoming and the decor is done up beautifully. Gives an authentic Chinese feel to it and will hook you to this place with in a short period of time. 

We tried out a variety of dimsums and most of them were  delicious and cooked to PERFECTION. Mouth watering at first glance, these dimsums made my day!





LORD!! *mouth waters* Tender and juicy prawns rolled inside a thin layer of spinach that gave an extra crisp to it dipped in this amazingly tasty sauce that made it even more relishing. A MUST TRY. 



These somehow stood out from all the rest since it was pan fried the coating on the outside tasted better and crisp. Also it wasn’t soggy like how dimsums generally are. Tasted perfect. Spiced perfectly and well balanced. 


Do not miss out your chance at experiencing this beautiful and delicious festival. Go and see for yourself what a treat this place is! 🙂