This place was unexpectedly really good. Had been hearing alot about it from everyone and thought of trying it out. I think its a place that every college going student would love. With friends, to chill for some time and have a great time over some delish waffles!!

Since I went only for a bit I ordered a few things. The staff was courteous and suggested alot of things to try out. 

First came their in house bread with salsa. It was complimentary and it tasted amazing. Crunchy, crackle like. And I think something everyone should keep in their menu and big change from all the heavy – meal-ed restaurants in town. 


Next came the virgin mojito that was perfect. They nailed it. 


We then ordered some waffles and fries. The fries were served beautiful, their presentation no doubt is too cool. With small little beakers of mayo and sauce. Fries were crisp, warm and a favourite.


 Last we ordered was the chocolate and wild-berry waffle . It was recommended my d staff and woah. This was delicious. Im glad I asked them cause I was on cloud 9. They really know how to cook goood waffles. This ones a must try if you are a waffle lover and also they again nailed the presentation.


All in all a place you all should visit to just relax and enjoy. I’ll be visiting soon again to try out the rest of the things.

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