The name really suits what they are serving!! “Happy Hakka” !! This cuisine really makes one happy. Staying in Delhi, a lot of food joints have started opening that are focusing not only on the ambience but also the quality of food. 


Happy Hakka got delivered at home with so much love. You can see with their packaging how much efforts they are taking in making their customers happy and content. 

They serve authentic chinese food. A thing that I have noticed around Delhi is that its really hard to find a good chinese restuarant. I mean there was a time 5-6 years back where we could locate some really good chinese food in affordable prices. Now, the scenario has changed. A lot of them have come up but are unable to maintain the quality or the Indian touch to it. Focusing only on the brand name and forgetting everything is else is something which is a major concern. 


A few restaurants have started coming up which have started serving some decent and tasty food. One of them is Happy Hakka. The condiments come in small little bottles that looked so adorable along with the cutlery 


CRUNCHY MUNCHY SPRING ROLLS- They tasted yum. Crisp- crackly skin with tender crisp vegetables on the inside. 


KHAO SUEY WITH RICE- This tasted DELICIOUS. It had an exceptional taste to it, have not tasted a better one in Delhi. By adding the chilly garlic paste it tasted even better. Perfect meal to order and a must must try. 


HAKKA NOODLES- You never go wrong when it comes to Hakka noodles. And surely Happy Hakka did not. They had that smokey flavour in them which made it and out fro the rest. 


CHILLI CHICKEN BITES- My personal favourite out of lot. It was a dry dish with chunks of chicken pieces. so soft, tender, juicy and full of flavour and spicy. *mouth waters*


SUI MUI CHICKEN- This was in the form of momos that were delicious. Became a little soggy but I guess thats because of the delivery


HAPPY HOT GARLIC-  This was spicy, quantity was good, had chunky pieces of well cooked vegetables. Flavoursome and finger licking good. 


There delivery is fast, food is pipping hot when it reaches home. Everything that I tasted was YUMMY. Their portions are decent enough. They take a lot of effort to make their customers “HAPPY”.


CONTACT NUMBER- +91 9015558558

011 41688899



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