When the word pizza comes to mind, all you can think about is cheese, toppings and crust! And if I tell you that Delhi has added another gem in its pocket, I am being honest! KEEP READING. 


This place is a hidden gem located in Kalkaji and Gurgaon. A place with funk, colours and guess what comics! The whole theme about this place is to make you feel at home and deliver you with the best pizzas along with bringing back your childhood memories by keeping a reading stack of The famous ARCHIES comics along with so many others that will just put a smile on your face. 


HANDS DOWN, YES!!  This place offers UNLIMITED TOPPINGS with No extra charge on your pizzas.Which till date no other place offers. YOU can customise it the way you want too! They offer Thick and New-york style crust.The dough is unique and not at all compromised on. They make it in house and cold ferment it for 72 HOURS. WOAH which makes it mouth melting !! :O 

These hard working people behind such a lovely place and food 😀
This Lasagna was heavenly. Loaded with cheese, meat, tomatoes, zucchini and bechamel this was better than any other lasagna I have tasted in a very long time. Mouth melting and so delicious. This surely won’t stop your hands from digging.
People get very attached to their specific restaurant parlours when it comes to pizza. No one really wants to experiment, but Insta pizza is something you all should really try if staying in New Delhi. This is one of their classics. Amazingly good this garlic, chili and chicken chorizo is a MUST TRY in New york style crust. Hopshophog recommends this. (jalapenos added as extra topping) 
Now this has been included in my favourite list. I have always been a hot dog fan. This was something which has finally fulfilled my cravings!! THIS IS CALLED THE PIZZA DOG. Rolled in the same dough as Garlic twists with sausage inside accompanied with delicious dip.
For all you healthy freaks out there. This is what you should order. Finally this concept has been brought to India by Insta pizza. This is MARINARA PIZZA. Pizza without cheese. Alot of people crave pizzas but dislike the cheese or some are allergic to cheese. This is what a pizza without cheese is. with just the classic sauce and confit garlic chilli flakes. Somehow I found this really good too. I think I am becoming a crazzyy fan of this place. 


Its a true saying when you read the above line. Especially if you visit this place!!! BEST? Understatement. INSANE is the right word!! And that is ; 


Insta pizza is the only place that serves the classic Chicago style deep dish. First comes a layer of crust. In between comes all the toppings and the cheese. Once thats done its covered with layer of dough. On top of this you’ll find their unique sauce and your asking meat topping!*DROOLS*

This monster deep dish pizza is over 1” thick and weighs about 1Kilo, which comes in two sizes!! Crazy right?! This is really a dream come true. You will not be disappointed when you taste this beast!! ❤

Do not miss out on this place. It is located in Kalkaji and Gurgaon and surely this a place that should top your list. Go and enjoy your scrumptious meal at this beautiful place.



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