The Masterchef inspired tasting lab at Olive Qutab

Food Talk India & Star World #MasterChefAU 

Hey guys! Again I’m pretty late with this post of mine. But I could not stop myself from sharing with you guys about my first ever experience with a Fabulous 9- course #tasting lab menu inspired by #MasterchefAu AT Olive Bar & Kitchen curated by Star World and #Foodtalkindia. 

Chef Sujan Sarkar of Olive curated a stunning 9-course menu inspired by some of our favourite dishes from this exciting 7th season of MasterChef Australia.

Hold on tight as you might get a little jealous and hungry at the same time when you scroll down from the first meal to the last. 

Less of writing in this post and more of photos!!

Enjoy peeps ❤

1. Amuse Bouche
2. Liquid gnocchi with mushroom consomme- Grant King
3. Black pudding, goat’s cheese, carrot salad, picked blackberries – Callum Hann.
4.Cauliflower miso cream, pickled cauliflower – Billie McKay
5.Green pea and young tomato – Sorbet
6.Lemon sole, oyster, black garlic, sea aroma 
7.Open ravioli, asparagus, pumpkin, burnt cocoa butter
8.Coffee Poached Pear -Ashleigh Bareham
9.Single origin chocolate Textures and snow, chestnut, blood orange

By the time all of this ended trust me I had no position to stand and walk till my car. A lovely night indeed and surely a memorable one for foodies like us. Thanks alot Food Talk India for giving us such a wonderful opportunity.

Until next time




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