This magical box was delivered at my doorstep today. Days like these where I get food parcels at home are B.L.I.S.S.F.U.L


What is Cook gourmet? 

They deliver this  magic box to you. With all the ingredients required to prepare a certain dish with a step by step recipe leaflet inside. You put on the chef’s hat and go BAZINGA!! 

taken from
taken from

With no time at all you learn to cook a dish which was completely new to you and also become the “hero” of the house by serving sucha delicacy. 

pc :
pc :

They have a certain menu assigned for each week. You could order your share of veg or non veg meal and be chef for the day! Pricing being apt not very expensive makes it more approaching plus d packaging and quality of ingredients look extremely hygienic and fresh. 

What received:- Vegetable chessy quesadillas with tangy salsa & tzatziki. 

These tasted yum! No more than YUM!! Crisp, cheesy, spicy and heavenly. Wohoo. 


Do check their site out to order your share of meal. Thanks 



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