MY GREENS- Cold pressed fresh juices. DETOXING!! NUTRITIOUS & YUMMY! :D- REVIEW.

Hey peeps! I’m back and  I missed you all so much . Thanks for staying connected. 

Here goes my next review. 

My green india sent in these pretty looking cold pressed juices in the morning today. Timing being ideal since it was Sunday (day for detox) and was made refreshing by these yummy beauties!!


“Take a step towards a balanced life. Leap towards an evolved you. Join the green revolution” – MOTTO.

Our passion is to make “healthy” a lifestyle, packed into bottles of high quality juices. We head towards our mission by providing health enthusiasts with a fresh set of tools that can change their lives conveniently & miraculously. We create a super-fuel mix of fruits and vegetables, cold pressed to give the right balance of nutrients needed to live your best life.

The package consisted of 4 bottles. The flavours were: 

  • Pine pleasure
  • Metabolize
  • Melon medley
  • Charge 

Pine Pleasure – this was flavourful and tangy mix of pineapple, apple & mint. 


Metabolize – stocked with pectin, sulphur, soluble fibre, cumibaldehyde, thymol and several other digestives agents n enzymes. 


Melon medley – a classic thirst quencher brought up- to- date. Watermelon, mint, chia seeds, lemon, orange 


Charge -a natural energiser, which helps boost up your energy levels instantly. 


These juices are cold- pressed (ensures that none of the nutrients & vegetables get lost) with no added preservatives or colour , gluten free, unpasteurised and vegan. These tasted yum and not at all bitter like all the other nutritional juices. REJUVENATING & FILLING A must have for all the people who want to keep themselves healthy and toxins free. 

My personal favourite was Pine pleasure. This was flavourful and tangy! Yum yum ❤ Confused about nutritious drinks ?

Choose “ANY” of these and you’ll be more than grateful to me & my greens india.  



Dream big & Stay focused


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