Lord of the Drinks in collaboration with HMM! and Delhi_Foodie



Had the best time last week when I got the opportunity to attend one of the fanciest events in town. HMM!- the food and lifestyle experts, organised a success party to honour their 2 years in this  industry at the Lord of Drinks. They are your go-to bloggers when you need to look around for the best restaurants around the world (follow their Instagram handle — for some really good recommendations) image image image

They collaborated with Delhi_foodie, who again are experts in the field of food and have a vast following on Instagram. I actually got invited by them for this event for which I’m very grateful (they’ve got some amazing food pictures from all over Delhi. You have to follow them if ur a pakka delhite like me!) 

The event was super fun. Got to meet fellow bloggers and made a lot of new friends. I lurvvved their LIITs and sangrias. And of course their food. Drums of heaven, Mumbai Vada and Olive Chicken were to die for. See the pictures for yourself! And to top all of this, an eclectic mix of EDM and tabla kept me grooving all the time! Will be spotted here very often now as it’s currently topping my list of ‘good food, drinks and music’ places in Delhi! image image image  image

Watch out for HMM! as they expand in cities like Malaysia, Singapore and (wait for it) Dubai! One stop blog for all the best places to eat in the world. What else does a foodie (like me) need 🙇image




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