Food , Fashion & Travel

Wow this is my blog? Like really! I know how much I suck at writing but who really cares.. Its all bout having fun.. And i guess we are gonna have alot of fun with this!

So basiciallly I love to eat! And travel!! Rather I love to take photos.. So because of that I end up going to all these wonderful places and try new things so that my photos come out super cool 😛 Doing that since years now I feel I have gotten the hang of good food, taste and flavours. So basically thats how I started with the idea of food photography and reviewing! Teehee 😁

Fashion? So fashion is really what I love to do! I did my grad in Fashion Design from a UK university! Had those dreadful 3 years of my life .. But somehow I managed to do great! Fashion is something that is about everyones style. Basically how you can carry yourself..  I want to show the world how I dress up and what My sense of style is about! Wohoo! So this is what my blog is really going to be about! 😀


Next post about the Levis event hosted by fesityfoxdiaries in delhi!


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